Webinar - iOS 7: Biggest Change Ever
iOS 7 is the biggest change to Appleā€™s iOS operating system since its introduction in 2007, six years ago. This improvement will have a strong design and technological impact on existing and prospective applications.
Please join Globant in analyzing these changes and assessing the impact on the current landscape of apps. We will hold a Q&A session at the end of the webinar where we will review specific questions.
Andrew Burgert, GM, Mobile, Globant | Bio
Pete Petras, Director UI/UX, Globant
Javier Zimman, VP Mobile Engineering, Globant | Bio
N Venkatraman, David J. McGrath Professor of Management, Boston University | Bio

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Webinar Details:
Date: Thursday August 22nd, 2013
USA: 10:00 am PST (San Francisco) | 12:00 noon CST (Dallas)
1:00 pm EST (New York)
EUROPE: 6:00 pm (London) | 7:00 pm (Madrid)
SOUTH AMERICA: 2:00 pm (Buenos Aires - Sao Paulo)

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